Skyway Capital Markets

Skyway Capital Markets
Your Partner for Capital

The middle market can be a challenging arena for capital transactions, whether for growth,
acquisitions, recapitalization, liquidity or a series of such transactions. We recognize
that one size does not fit all and maintain a clear focus on the individual needs of our
client companies. As a partner in your capital transaction, we competitively, quickly and
efficiently consult with and raise money for capital-ready clients and execute an M&A process
to maximize their valuation.

Paddling Out

Managing the Challenges for Successful Results

Skyway distinguishes itself by taking a strategic approach to our
clients’ transactional objectives and understanding the key elements
of what makes a company attractive to investors or buyers. By adopting
a less traditional, more thoughtful and creative view of our clients’
objectives, we can advise them on optimal positioning within the capital
markets and identify deals that are tailor made for them.

Managing in Challenging Environments

Knowing the Landscape Creates the
Right Opportunities

Few middle market companies are aware of the most effective
way to access the capital markets, or where to obtain the most
attractive forms of capital on the best terms for their
particular situation. Over the course of their careers,
Skyway’s team of experienced bankers has been involved in
excess of $50 billion in transaction volume, including $1.5
billion in middle market transactions completed at Skyway.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions

Whether you’re looking to grow through a strategic acquisition or interested
in selling part or all of your business, you want the right fit at the right price.
With an eye toward maximizing shareholder value, Skyway will execute a thoughtful,
customized process based on your goals and a thorough examination of the best
options to achieve them.